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The Las Vegas Buying Summit

The Las Vegas Buying Summit is the most popular real estate investment education event in the county. Every month, hundreds of investors attend this 3 day event and take their investing to a whole new level. Never before has anyone delivered the quality of education and access to resources that we do at the Buying Summit. When you attend, you'll also get to meet personally with vendors who can grant you access to turn key investment properties, real estate cash flow notes, tax lien certificates, asset protecton experts, entity setup professionals, self directed retirement account specialists a ...

Inner Circle

Inner Circle

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on the inside of the real estate investors circle? Well now you can find out. Attend the 3 day Inner Circle event and you'll get first had experience on real estate rehab secrets that work in today's real estate market, auction strategies, small group networking and more. You'll board a bus and tour properties for sale,and you'll get to interact with real estate televeision personalities. You'll even attend a LIVE auction where dozens of properties are being sold on the spot. All under the guidance of real estate experts and trainers. This eve...